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John L. Heatwole III
March 23, 1948 - November 22, 2006

The Art of



Who We Are

We are experts of the history and life of artist. author and historian, John L. Heatwole, III.

We hold the largest visual archive of the artist’s work and are the only true source for authenticating the work of this artist.

If you have pieces you would like authenticated we provide this service for a small fee.  A good investment for anyone buying John Heatwole art as a potential investment.

If you have works of art by John that you are interested in selling we can offer you fare market value and in some cases will offer you more.  Why take a chance with an auction without knowing first what you have. 

A Message


Greetings dear visitor.

You may already be familiar with who John L. Heatwole III was and about his talents, or you may be totally new to learn about him.  Either way it is a pleasure for me to welcome you to this website about my Father.

The first thing I must stress is that most of the photographs that you are going to see here were taken from scanned slides or were supplied by collectors and may not be the best quality.  In many cases I have had to go in and edit these in order to take out large spots that may have been dust spots on the slides or taken away the backgrounds so only the art would be visible.  Luckily, so far, none of the slides I’ve been able to scan have had major scratches on them.  I will be adding scanned show announcements, brochures, stationary and anything else that I can find in order to preserve it and to make some kind of order to it all.

My father’s studio was flooded twice before he finally moved away from Bridgewater, Virginia.  Because of these floods much of what John had saved throughout his art career, in the form of sketches, photos, slides, records, articles and awards were lost or given to those that were there to help him salvage what was in their opinion worth saving.   My family requests that if you are/were a collector of his work and can take photos or will allow me to take photos please let me know.   If you have any stories that you would like to share please feel free to do that too by contacting me via any of the supplied addresses listed in the contact section of this site.

As I am sure you know his family misses him dearly and this is one way to stay in touch with those memories and maybe even connect with you.

Thanks for looking and reading.

May his art and life inspire you as it did for so many.

Artfully Yours,

David F. Heatwole

BIO graphy

A professional short film about John and his art